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Hill and Jago – Building Sustainable Careers

We typically work within Engineering and Construction markets.  Our clients are innovators, forward thinkers, futuristic, and inspiring. Hill and Jago are always looking for people who have the right cultural fit to not only do the job well, but to enjoy what they do.  We all spend many hours of our day at work after all!

We understand your passion for Technical Excellence.  We also understand that you have a need to evolve and develop, in the same way that you need to see that in your environment.  For some that will be civil infrastructure, for others that will be helping a work force to change the way in which it works.  We will work with candidates and clients to ensure that you are introduced to innovators to help you in realising your personal and professional goals.

Hill and Jago has operated successfully within Engineering, Energy, Logistics, Telecoms, Compliance and Standards and Support roles for many years.  Due to our consistent and quality approach, we enjoy long standing relationships with our clients and candidates.

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