Can’t get new staff quickly enough?

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Recruiters everywhere hear this loud and clear.  New projects, new contracts won, new sales vertical launched.  All great news.  Growth is an exciting place to be.  The new heads are needed yesterday, to support, service, sell or sustain.  But in today’s market of low unemployment, how easy is to find the right people at speed?

Over to the recruiters.  In house, Agency, RPO solution.  Take your pick, each company has its own preference, but the desired outcome is the same.  Quality candidates, delivered on time, and at low cost.

Have you considered the impact of hiring this group of people twice?  More perhaps?  Commercially, contractually, to meet market demands, if you get this wrong, what risks to you face?  By not getting the basics right in the recruitment process you can open the door to future problems.

When meeting your candidates you should feel confident that they can do the job, that they will love the job, and that you can work with them!  So, quality in terms of appearance and the way in which your candidates conduct themselves.  A technical fit, a proven ability to do the job, or demonstration of the aptitude to be trained to do the job.  And lastly, yet most importantly, the cultural fit.  The most able member of your team will not perform if they are unhappy in their environment.  And let’s not forget the garnish.  Some passion and personality!

Are you meeting the candidates you want?  Do you want to work with them?  Do they project your passion?  Do you have the right Partners supporting your Talent pipeline? If your immediate answer is yes, you may be working with us already!  If you’re unsure, or the answer is no then contact Hill and Jago to discuss how we can support your growth.

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