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CV – Curriculum Vitae can be literally translated to “Course of Life”. Your CV should show the course that your career has taken, although an autobiography is not required…

We speak to many candidates who just don’t know where to start. Why would you? You are great within your chosen career, it doesn’t always translate that you will be great at writing a CV. Don’t keep putting it off however, we’re here to help, at Hill and Jago we will work with you to ensure that your CV represents you in the best possible light.

Here are some tips for you:



There are an abundance of free templates on line. Be as creative or as simplistic as you feel suits your style, after all, it’s the content covering your experience that will do the talking. The CV should contain your name and contact details. Phone and email are key. (You’d be surprised how many CV’s we receive with a telephone number digit missing). A short personal profile of no more than 5 sentences, and a career history stating employer, dates and role for each position. You should also include educational achievements, and something concise about you in terms of your hobbies and interests.



Don’t make assumptions. Think about how you would describe your role to your friends and use this terminology. Don’t fall into the trap of using in-house acronyms and jargon. Use language and key words that are used within your industry sector, not those that are only use by your current employer. You want your prospective employer to understand fully what you do, and what value you can add to them.



Tell us about your achievements, not just what you did, but what was the outcome. Many clients want to understand if you have simplified a process, if you have identified a way to save cost. If there is value that you have added by going the extra mile, tell us on your CV. Where you’ve been involved in world class projects, tell us what they are, and what you did!


Keep it Current

If you are picking up a CV that your haven’t updated in 10 years, ensure that you read through it and correct any mistakes. Many candidates make the mistake of simply making the addition of new paragraph for a new role. Ensure that the style of language is consistent throughout the document. You’d be surprised how many CV’s we receive with a telephone number digit missing.


Covering Letter

Make your employer feel wanted! Your covering letter is your opportunity to explain exactly why you are applying for this role and with this employer.

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