Interview Tips

As a Hill and Jago candidate we have already identified that you are a strong and credible candidate and introduced you to a client that fits well with your career aspirations, ways of working, and values. Now let us help you to show yourself in your best light at Interview.

1. Research

Review the prospective employer’s website, understand their values and their business road map. Where are they going? What qualities do they admire in their staff?

Google the employer. Do they have different social media strings for varying parts of their business? Are they on Glassdoor? Are there YouTube videos of Director interviews etc?

Make notes throughout your research, look deeper than the homepage and its statistical count of customers, share price and revenue. Look to truly understand the organisation. Who are their competitors, what do you feel are likely to be their biggest challenges?

2. Prepare

You should now have a clear picture of your Interviewers expectations and what qualities they are likely to want to explore. Now is the time to read through the job description again in detail, make some notes to provide you with a prompt to demonstrate what relevant experience you have. Think about your achievements. An interview is the time to talk about what you have done, not to read out a task list.

3. Appearance

There is never a second opportunity to make a first impression is the old adage. Prepare your appearance in the same way as you research the employer’s values. An interview is rarely the right place for a fashion statement. Keep it simple, keep it professional, and keep it relevant.

4. The Meeting

Get there early. Research your journey, and if you can, make a trial run. It’s an old fashioned approach, but being 15 minutes early is perfect timing. It shows that you are organised, and gives you a short time to sit in reception and pick up a feel for the vibe of the building. If you are more than 15 minutes early, go for a walk or a coffee (decaf) and come back.

Many interviewees forget that this is a 2-way meeting. You are about to make a big change in your life. Ensure that you ask the questions to allow you to make an informed choice about the things that are important to you in your next career move.

Treat your interviewer in the same way as you would your customers. Eye contact, and firm (but not killer) handshake. Consider your answers to questions, and answer what has been asked. In the same way as your attire, keep it professional, and keep it relevant.

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