New Starter = Reduced Work Load

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Thank goodness!  You finally have the new member of your team starting the week after next.  They must be so excited too… right?  You are, you can relinquish responsibility of that extra department now!

When was the last time you spoke to your new starter?  3, maybe 4 weeks ago?  Are they still excited?  Are they are fired up as they were at that presentation that they nailed to your board of Directors 6 weeks ago?

If you have any doubt in your mind it’s not too late to act.  Get a plan in place.

  1. Go back to that presentation.  What did your new starter say they would need?  To understand your organisation, get to know the team, get to know your customers etc?
  2. Start an Induction Schedule.  Book time for your new starter with their team.  Arrange a team lunch in the first week if possible.
  3. Schedule time with the stakeholders that your starter will be working with.
  4. Schedule time for your newbie on the front line.  Where is your biggest people asset?  Working in hospitals with patients?  Working in Schools with Children?  Manufacturing parts for car assembly? Delivering meals to pensioners?  Enable your new starter to spend a whole day at the coal face.  The earlier you do this, the earlier they will be productive.
  5. Lay out the objectives that you require this person to hit in the first 12 months.  Make them realistic and achievable.  Add in some nice to haves.  This list should ideally be no more than 6 objectives.
  6. Make a call.  Call the new starter.  Tell them what you are doing.  Email the schedule to them.  Ask them what they would like to add.  The earlier you engage, they earlier they will feel part of your organisation.  The more committed they will feel, the more valuable they will be to you.

All too often we expect experienced hires to hit the ground running, and the majority will.  The first 3 months are key for most employees however.  This is the time statistically when an employee will make the decision about whether they are with you for experience, or for the long haul.  Make starting in your company a positive one.  It can be so easy, and the PR as a result of getting it right, is priceless.

Just remember to book yourself in for a lunch too, and enjoy it!

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